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High Quality Manufacturer

Amtec Hydraclamp is a leading manufacturer of high quality seals, F-Nipples, GX-Nipples, Release and Vent screws and Nut bodies used in pre-tensioning and clamping.   


Amtec Seals

  • Designed exclusively for use with oil or grease pressures up to 700 bar (10,150 psi) operating pressure; sized according to maximum clamping force
  • Dual hardness “U”-cup seals provide a flexible lip area to prevent low pressure seepage and high pressure blowby
  • High-hardness heel area resists extrusion around the steel thrust ring
  • These seals have repeatedly performed under pressures up to 700 bar (10,150 psi), for over 10 years without replacement


Amtec F-Nipples

  • Designed and manufactured to ensure reliability as a one-way valve
  • Engineered to handle repeated connections with Amtec 4-jaw F-Couplers
  • Operates at grease pressure up to 700 bar (10,150 psi) without leakage, for many months
  • Alloy steel body and steel check valve provides “leak proof” quality
  • Standard for all sizes of F-Type Nuts


Amtec GX-Nipples

  • Uniquely designed and built to operate at pressures up to 700 bar (10,150 psi)
  • Can be connected and disconnected with full pressure in the nuts when used with the exclusive Amtec Quick-Disconnect GX-Coupler
  • Precision-engineered, hardened alloy steel components and high pressure seals ensure “leak proof” performance
  • Standard for all sizes of GX-Type Nuts


Amtec Release & Vent Screws

  • Offer positive retention of internal grease and oil pressure to 700 bar (10,150 psi)
  • Flat point socket set screw, steel ball and sharp-edged seat, guarantee repeated positive sealing of the pressure chamber while allowing rapid release of pressure when opened; sized according to application


Amtec Nut Bodies

  • Alloyed steel and aluminium bodies for longevity
  • Fine machined seal grooves for extra long seal life
  • Precision machined parts for maximum overall service life
  • Any Imperial or Metric Standard Thread specification can be supplied


Advantages of Aluminium

To compensate for increased weight in larger sized nuts, Amtec Hydraclamp offers alloyed aluminium nut models.

  • Aluminium nut bodies offer 60% weight reduction vs. steel
  • Lighter bodies provide improved safety in handling
  • Reduced physical strain for setup personnel
  • Natural oxidation forms a thin, durable surface coating which provides positive grip for handling
  • Acme or Trapezoidal thread forms are recommended for optimum thread life
  • 400 bar (5,800 psi) pre-set, operating pressure maximum is specified for normal operation of all Amtec Aluminium Nuts
  • Comparable durability, performance and quality are guaranteed with Amtec Aluminium Nuts when used as designed

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Amtec F-Nipple Info Sheet 001N010.101.004 PDF
Amtec F-Coupler Info Sheet 001N112.101.103 PDF
Amtec GX-Couplers & GX-Nipples Info Sheet 001N010.002.205 PDF


Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal Production, Forming & Processing
Machine & Equipment Designers & Builders (OEM)
Turbine & Jet Engine Broaching
Mechanical & Hydraulic Press
Machine Tools


Canadian Head Office 
Amtec Hydraclamp
1175 Corporate Dr, Burlington, ON, 
PO Box 5011, L7R 3Z4 Canada 
Tel: 905-335-8233 
Fax: 905-335-6074
Toll Free: 1-800-672-3207