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Amtec Hydraclamp manufactures the world’s best high pressure hydraulic clamps, making Amtec the number one choice for OEM’s, steel mills, processing plants, utilities and any other industry requiring reliable, superior clamping technology.

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Clamping Advantage

Clamping Advantage

  • Up to 500% more clamping force compared to mechanical nuts.
  • Larger thrust rings, 4140 alloy steel components, and proprietary dual durometer seals provide superior clamping force in comparison to any competitive hydraulic nut supplier.
  • Self-aligning thrust ring provides uniform 360º contact with mating tooling.
  • Adjustable pressure Amtec pumps grant controllable clamping force for F-Type & GX-Type Nuts.
  • Custom threaded to suit existing international standard specifications.
Reliability & Durability

Reliability & Durability

  • 300% longer service life with 4140 steel or aircraft aluminum nut bodies, precision thrust rings and dual durometer seals.
  • Sealing system allows up to 3 weeks in-service time without significant pressure drop.
  • Amtec’s leak proof F-Nipples (for grease) and GX-Nipples (for oil) made from high strength steel bodies with high-pressure check valves to maintain positive pressure retention.
  • Precision actuator piston assemblies provide extreme pressure output for K-Type Nuts.
  • Thread wear is no longer a problem with proper thread matching and Amtec’s special OD-centering.
  • Bearing damage from hammering mechanical nuts is eliminated by our easy installation.
  • Black-oxide finish prevents oxidation on steel nut bodies (other finishes available).
  • All Amtec Hydraclamp nuts, pumps and accessories are backed with a no hassle 1-year warranty.


  • Amtec engineers nuts to exceed operating requirements.
  • Hammers and wrenches are not required; only a hex wrench, small assist bar and portable pump. Choice of peripheral or end face access for operator convenience.
  • F-Nipples, GX-Nipples, Series 550 Transponder and actuator pistons are fully recessed for protection against physical or mechanical damage.
  • Knurled outside diameter for better grip.
  • High-strength aircraft aluminum nut bodies offer 50-60% weight reduction vs. steel in F-Type Nuts.
Custom Engineering

Custom Engineering

  • Custom designed devices with integrated pressure control systems and quick disconnect fittings are available.
  • Safe, convenient and durable, Amtec pressure control systems have been custom engineered for grease or oil at pressures up to 700 bar (10,150 psi).
  • Special seals can be installed for high temperature use.
  • Extra corrosion resistance through use of electroless nickel, chrome plating or stainless steel.
  • High-pressure hydraulic power units, bulk grease systems and other packages are available.

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