Circular Milling & Friction Saw Blades

Minimize wobble and burring for beam, rail, structural, pipe & tube mills

Circular Milling & Friction Saw Blades

Location of Nuts

  • Beam, Rail, Structural, Pipe & Tube Mills at the finishing end for cutting sections to custom lengths

Benefits of Hydraulic Lock-up

  • Maintains positive lock-up and alignment of circular saw blades
  • Eliminates the need for jam nuts or repeated re-tightening of mechanical nuts
  • Rapid clamping and releasing for efficient change-out of circular saw blades
  • Net Benefit: positive positioning of circular saw blades throughout the operating cycle and ensures minimum wobble of blade and minimum burr on the off-cut

Type of nuts: F-Type, K-Type.

Circular Milling & Friction Saw Blades

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