Portable and motorized grease and oil pumps to keep your hydraulic clamping products working for you

Only the best handpumps for Amtec nuts and clamps

Nearly as synonymous with Amtec Hydraclamp as our nuts are, our handpumps are the industry standard. Rated for over 10,000 PSI, these pumps are as functional as they are durable. Our legendary F-Nuts employ our Chain- or Rod-Type grease handpumps, while most Step and Block Nuts take advantage of our Oil Handpumps.



Chain and Rod Type High Pressure Handpumps

Required for our F-8 and F-9 hydraulic nuts, and hydraulic clamps equipped with F-Nipple interface. Conveniently offered in both chain-type retraction or rod-type retraction, and stocked in three standard maximum pressure settings. Choose between 250 bar (3625 PSI), 400 bar (5800 PSI) and 700 bar (10,150 PSI).

Our 112.100.200-XXX chain-type handpumps offer quick method of operation while simplifying the 400ml grease tube changeover.

Our 112.110.210-XXX rod-type handpumps combine the convenient use of 400ml grease tubes while allowing quick and clean refilling via our bulk fill system.

Mobile and Bulk-Fill Pumps

Mobile and Bulk-Fill Pumps

Mobile and Bulk Fill Pumping Systems

The high capacity, high pressure option to pressurize F-8, F-9 and other F-Nipple equipped hydraulic clamps. Available in mobile or stationary systems up to 180kg (55 gallons), these system can either pressurize your Amtec hydraulic clamps up to 517 bar (7500 PSI), or refill rod-type handpump reservoirs.

Our 125.200 series mobile grease pumping system provides the same high pressure and functionality you enjoy from our handpumps, but with grease volume up to 180kg (55 gallons), it provides months of production capacity without refilling.

Our allows quick and clean refilling of our 112.110.210-XXX rod-type handpumps.

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