Keeper Plates

Providing increased safety and control for all roughing and finishing mills

Keeper Plates

Location of Nuts

  • Outboard on end frames of the mill stands for securing keeper plates that hold bearing chocks in place during rolling operations

Benefits of Hydraulic Lock-up

  • Quick, positive lock-up and release, with controlled pressure, to overcome axial thrust forces created by the rolling process
  • Eliminates manual tightening and releasing of mechanical nuts
  • Eliminates heavy wrenches and tooling to activate nuts
  • All nuts can be piped to a common, easily accessed header from which all hydraulic nuts can be pressurized or released simultaneously
  • Net benefit: safety of operating/maintenance staff by elimination of physical strain & injury with faster chock change-out times and greater control of chock positioning

Type of nuts: H-Type, Step Nuts, special designed.

Keeper Plates

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