Beam, Rail & Structural Mills

Improve product straightness and section thickness

Beam, Rail & Structural Mills

Location of Nuts

  • Rolling and straightening arbors/mandrels to retain roll sections
  • Tie-rod pre-stress nuts to hold sectional mill frames together
  • Forming roll bearing lock-up in chocks
  • Circular friction cut-off saw blade flanges

Benefits of Hydraulic Lock-up

  • Maintains positive lock-up and alignment for rolling, straightening and cut-off stands
  • Eliminates the need for jam nuts or repeated re-tightening of mechanical nuts
  • Replaces “superbolts” (multiple axial jack screws) with a faster and more reliable lock-up system
  • Quick release and removal
  • Maintains a tight sectional mill frame by exceeding separational forces
  • Optimizes roll end-float by controlling bearing location
  • Net benefit: improved product straightness and section thickness with more runtime

Type of nuts: GX-Type, Block Nuts, Step Nuts (custom designed).

Beam, Rail & Structural Mills

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