GX Coupler and GX Nipples

GX Coupler and GX Nipples


GX Coupler and GX Nipples Models 641.205.010 / 710.205.010 700 BAR Working Pressure

This unique, compact, Amtec designed and built, highpressure oil connector and nipple arrangement allows for rapid connection and release with full pressure maintained in the associated clamping device.

Quick disconnect, zinc plated, high-pressure oil connector for use with GX-Nipples exclusively.


  1. Zinc Plating identifies mating GX-Coupler and GX-Nipple by sight.
  2. Mechanical interlocks allow only GX components to fully connect before pressurizing.
  3. Pressures up to 1,000 bar (14,500 psi) can be handled under special conditions.
  4. Compact design allows the GX-Nipple to be fully recessed into the clamping device to prevent operating damage, while the GX-Coupler is easily operated with one hand.
  5. Other visually coded, interlocked models are available for low pressure and/or special service.


  1. Positioning of the actuator lever and pulling back on the retraction sleeve allows for rapid connection or separation of the GX-Coupler and the GX-Nipple.
  2. Pressurized oil is directed to the clamping device or to the reservoir by placing the actuator lever against the brass pin or the steel pin respectively.
  3. A ball-type locking arrangement allows for a smooth, positive interlock between the GX-Coupler and the GX-Nipple.


  1. Hardened alloy steel components ensure reduced wear and operating damage.
  2. Special high pressure seal material and precision machined parts ensure “leak proof” quality.
  3. Amtec GX components have successfully operated in the steel industry for over 20 years.

Special features or requirements can be accommodated. Kindly contact your local agent or call our office directly.